Tuesday, 8 December 2009


I just found this little gem of an oldie, I watched an episode and liked nearly everything about it, it has a lovely pace and charm about it. It reminds me (and probably anyone) of the old Disney stuff, likely because of the rubber hose effect. The animation is pleasant to watch though has little jumps here and there, works though out but something that really interests me is how Bosko seems to have a trait that he does a good couple times, like a visual catch phrase, i can't think of many other cartoons that do that if any.

The only negative thing i have to say is how i dislike the design of Bosko and his girlfriend (i assume) at all. I can't tell what their meant to be and what their relationship with other characters are meant to be, such as that small cat child thing, is that a pet or son or little brother or what?! How are they related. I want to say their monkeys, but they have no tails, and if that was intentional regardless then why give every other animal in this anthropomorphic world a tail, it makes little sense without throwing in the racist card. However, the personality and characters themselves are likable with their happy go lucky ways and makes for a typical American cartoon. It's no Popeye or Mickey, but still enjoyable and has a lot to appreciate.