Monday, 11 January 2010

Perspective test: I was trying to figure this scene in my head, and after a little trial and error with flash, i think i figured how to give the illusion of camera motion and a bystander's view point. Basicly, the background is a 3 point perspective with an arched camera pan, making it look as if someone is watching the bunny jump over head. This is a test and not properly timed out to the proper duration of the film's scene, but it shows what i need to accomplish is achievable.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Starting from this post i will be keeping a record of progress to my latest and final Student film for my 2D animation course, along with progress reports, i hope to upload some pre-production and my own personal thoughts on other Animated matters like resent films, great classic cartoons and games, but the focus will be on my own work's progress and development.

Above is the first snippet of aniamtion that will contribute to my film, it is that of my Bunny character, cute right? Without the backgrounds however you wouldnt think this thing is as big as a building! I'm happy with how the bounce came out though, i feel its weighty and you can definatly tell its a rabbit which is always a good thing when something looks like what its ment to be. This was a test to figure how the thing is going to move, but it came out nice enough to be made into a symbol using the pen tool for the outline so rescaling the line thickens to match a sceen, so it may come in handy later as a simple drop and drag sceen.

I'll try keep this thing up to date!